Discover 10 Facts About Lexus That Will Blow You Away

We think it’s pretty safe to say Lexus doesn’t mess around when it comes to luxury vehicles.

But even we were surprised when we uncovered some of these unique facts.

As you digest these facts, it’ll be pretty clear that Lexus is a company dedicated to precision and quality. Much of the industry’s coveted innovations are offered as economically priced standard features. However, their commitment to luxury and expertise is found on the production line, as well as what’s found at a Chicago Lexus dealership.

Let’s explore and blow your mind…


1.     Specifically Tuned Engine Sound


Whether you’re pushing top speeds on the track, cutting through snow or driving a hybrid model, there’s a distinctive purr to each model. Lexus vehicles have been designed in conjunction with Yamaha to reproduce the sound of their Ovation guitars.


2.     The Brand Transformed the Company


When Toyota began, they produced and sold automated looms. However, the allure and quality of the car company inspired them to venture into luxury Lexus models, and stay in business.

Luxury looms or cars… We think they made the right choice!


3.     Best in the World Paint Inspectors


When they offer a scratch-resistant clear coat on the Lexus LS 460, the durability is guaranteed by inspectors that are certified 4 times each year.


4.     Close Loyalty with Customers


Right from the beginning, Lexus was ahead of the game. By observing the lifestyles of their luxury demographic, their first car was designed perfectly to compete with leading German luxury car manufacturers.


In fact, it was their customer service department that kicked off sales, and allowed them to sell every single model of their first release, the LS400. Perhaps, if they hadn’t purchased a home base in Laguna Beach to conduct this experiment, they’d never have sold a single unit.


5.     The LS400 was a Colossal Expense to Design and Produce


It’s been estimated that the project, secretly named Flagship 1, cost over one billion dollars before a single car was sold and included approximately 450 initial drafts before they were satisfied. As for experts, 1,400 engineers, 60 designers, 2,300 technicians and hundreds of customer service representatives were on payroll.


6.     First to Produce and Market an 8-Speed Automatic Transmission


Times change quite rapidly. However, even back in 2006 when they were the first car company worldwide to offer an 8-speed automatic transmission worldwide, it was a big deal. Historically speaking, it’s in a league with Ford’s V8 engine, in how their innovation and pioneering impacted an entire industry of luxury vehicles.


7.     Lexus Technicians are Inside an Exclusive Inner Circle


Lexus places high standards on their certified technicians. In fact, not only do they recognize their employees differently from any company, they’ve built an original hiring system based on Japanese culture.


First, they’re required to be with the company for many years. They also limit the amount of applicants allowed, perhaps to make it more exclusive, and they have their own ranking system with Japanese titles for seniority.


8.     A Definite Trend in their Commercials


If you go back and watch every single Lexus commercial since 1989, you’ll notice a common theme. The exact same voice actor, James Sloyan. He has been the only voice actor to appear for more than 25 years.


9.     Formulaic Standards for Engineering Success


If you thought their commercial production strategy was strict, consider how they develop cars. There are about 500 different standards which are absolutely adhered to, and a design system using the acronym IDEAL (Impressive, Dynamic, Elegant, Advanced and Lasting). It appears that they know what they’re doing, right down to a science.


10.  Their High Performance Engines are Low Weight


This speaks as much about business strategy, as it does about engineering feats. Their 4.8L V10 found in the LFA for example, is actually lighter than the 3.5L V6 produced by Toyota. What’s even more impressive, is that it has double the horsepower.

So next time you see a Lexus on the road, you’ll have a better idea of just how much effort and attention to detail went into building these beautiful vehicles.