We Think These Lexus Commercials Are A Great Trip Down Memory Lane…


Vintage commercials can sometimes be nostalgic, and often humorous. Looking back at these Lexus commercials, however, they’re also quite impressive, especially knowing the car company’s reliable track record.


#1 Official Lexus LS400 Commercial

There’s a lot to love about each one. For example, this 1990 release for the Lexus LS400 is a short but sweet visual overview of this classic luxury car. The sleek and smooth black exterior as it pulls out horizontally across the conveyor belt is every bit as impressive today, as it was back then.


You may notice the rims. They’re not as glamorous as those found featuring 14” brakes, dynamic suspension control and exclusive wheel selections today. But its classic style and aerodynamic design hold a distinct character.


#2 MotorWeek’s 1990 Review of the LS400

MotorWeek posted a retro review in 2015. It features the 1990 LS400 and a nearly 10-minute expert overview of what it had to offer.


What’s most interesting about it is the historical viewpoint. As you know, and as MotorWeek predicted, Japanese car companies were just beginning to dominate the American car market. Their detailing of its high class luxury features are well worth checking out for yourself.


They notice small details like the paint work. Also, they were very favorable of the 250 horsepower engine (not bad even by today’s standards), commenting on how quiet and smooth it was to drive inside the cabin. Its ‘more than acceptable’ handling on demanding road conditions is a shining compliment as well.


MotorWeek also highlighted its Traction Control System, and how it flows ‘gracefully through corners’. They even took it out on the track with pylons, and you can see the precision of its handling.


When comparing it to its closest competitor, like the less impressive Cadillac Fleetwood and the BMW 735i, they talk about how well-engineered the Lexus LS400 is. They also point out that a powerful V8 engine gave it a decided advantage, not to mention its beautiful luxury interior.


It’s interesting to note some of the finer details of a model that came out one year prior to our first vintage Lexus commercial.


#3 1993 Lexus LS400 Commercial

This version takes a more ‘classic’ approach. Beginning in the back seat of an LS400, we see a classical guitar being tuned. We notice not only the technology of the recording device nearby, but also the expertise and beauty with which the player strums their musical instrument.


Smoothness and style exude from this ad. Prominently featuring Manuel Barrueco, he’s able to comfortably play a challenging song while the car drives down the road at 55 miles per hour.


You get a sense of the exterior design as well. Of course, the tinted windows and classic shape of this finely-tuned and well-engineered sedan are complemented by the quiet and comfortable interior. Their slogan of “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” finishes the commercial tastefully. Well worth it, for the music alone!


#4 The Lexus LS400 ‘Champagne Glass’ Commercial

Here, the LS400 is showcased first. You see a well-dressed gentleman carefully stacking fragile champagne glasses as the camera highlights many of the car’s stylish exterior features.


Next, the ignition is started and the car’s gas pedal is floored. As the wheels spin and the speeds reach well past 140 miles per hour, you see the 15 carefully placed champagne glasses sitting elegantly on the hood. Even stacked in pyramid fashion, with no support, the entire car sits calmly without disturbing a single one.


It highlights many of the same features as previous commercials. But it’s also a lot more memorable, and stays consistent with the qualities you’ve come to expect from Lexus.