Supercharge Your Driving Experience With These 6 Apps


Good old apps.


When you find a good one, it’s life changing.


We may be exaggerating a bit, but the right app really can make a difference in your life; whether it’s for productivity, record keeping, connecting with others or pure entertainment.


It’s fun integrating a great app into your life, especially when it makes life better.


When it comes to driving and your vehicle, there are some great apps you can utilize.


Here are some of the best free automotive related apps…




When it comes to gas price apps, there is no shortage.


If you search them on android or the app store, you’ll find plenty. Some of them are very good apps as well and get the job done.


GasBuddy just so happens to stand out from the crowd.


Why you ask….


Two things, simplicity and functionality.


With one touch, GasBuddy loads the nearest prices in a list format. Tap again, and you can see them on a map.


Sort the listings from low price to high price or nearest to farthest. Whatever format you want, GasBuddy has it and you get to it in a matter of seconds.


It’s an excellent app with quick and simple functionality.




Are any of you ‘Wazers’ already?


We bet you are…


With Social Media in full swing, there just has to be a social driving/traffic app, right?


Of course…


What’s unique about Waze is all of the information that gets shared. For example, if you’re driving and see a vehicle pulled over to the side of the road, you can tap Waze and leave an alert for other drives.


It’s great for not only sharing various types of traffic information, but for making route decisions with real-time traffic data.


Google Maps does a fine job, but it’s not going to let you know about the police officer a mile down the road will it?




We also give credit to Waze for not allowing drivers to type into the app while driving. Putting safety first is essential and Waze has done that.


Well done Waze!




Simply an excellent all around tool for helping you maintain your car.


One of the biggest frustrations we see people have when it comes to service is getting unexpected costs.


A customer may know exactly what they need to have fixed, but when they hear the price, they just weren’t expecting that much.


RepairPal virtually eliminates this.


All you need to do is enter your vehicle, choose the type of repair needed and RepairPal gives you a cost estimate based on your vehicle.


Now, when you get your cost estimate, you know what to expect. If the estimate is far out of RepairPal’s range, then you may need to ask some questions.


The fun doesn’t stop here.


RepairPal also offers a Roadside Assistance feature and a tool to help you keep track of the service performed on your vehicle and inform you of upcoming service needs.


It’s extremely handy!




Long story short…


If you’re a member, you’ve got to have it.


The AAA app has a wide variety of features. You can check gas prices, locate charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles, and check hotel availability.


Using the map feature you can check what’s around you and if there are any AAA member discounts available nearby.


The apps bread and butter though is Roadside Assistance. Not only can you get it scheduled, but your phones GPS coordinates makes it easier for the tow truck driver to find you.




We hope you never need to use this app, but it’s great to have if you’re ever in an accident.


Things happen fast during an accident and most people are usually a little flustered even after minor accidents.


Having an app like AxiKit, which is an accident toolkit, really helps you settle down and make sure you get all of the facts recorded.


Not only will the app help guide your actions, but you can take audio recordings as well as pictures through the app.


Using the information you enter, AxiKit creates an accident report.


It’s a great tool to help you handle this kind of situation the right way.




If you’re on the go, driving to different places frequently, AroundMe just may be the perfect app.


It does exactly what its name says…


This app finds what’s around you.


The beauty of the app lies in the navigation. While you can find the same things on other map apps, AroundMe makes the process extremely simple.


It offers you a list of options; banks, movies, parking, hotels, hospitals, coffee shops, and more.


After making your selection you can view what’s around you in a list format or on the map. You can get directions and use your choice of navigation apps for driving.


It’s a great app to have in unfamiliar areas.