You know what the biggest surprise about Lexus gift giving is…


Not only do people give Lexus cars and SUVs as gifts, but they’ve been doing so for 18 YEARS!


This time of year, novelty goes a long way and Lexus cars are no exception. Major sales events like Black Friday are just the tip of the iceberg, and now is the perfect time to begin suggesting a beautiful Lexus RX 350 as a gift to your spouse.


In fact, Lexus’ December to Remember event has been ongoing for the past 18 years. In 1998, their first ads ran featuring a big red bow on their cars, as well as in their dealership locations.


When this sales event started, each location had a single red bow they included with the sale of a car intended as a gift. Today, each location has up to 5 on hand, ready for when sales begin rolling in.


It isn’t exclusive to Lexus cars, actually. While the big red bow is their own creative idea, car makers like Infiniti are offering free Christmas trees. Lexus, on the other hand, prefers to keep it simple by offering discounts, such as the first month’s payment or extra incentives and discounts.


Why Has December to Remember Been So Successful?


The long and short of this promotions success is really quite simple…


Lexus vehicles are not only at the pinnacle of luxury, but they are among the most reliable vehicles on the road today.


When you give the gift of a Lexus, it’s not a short term joy. You’re giving your loved one a new relationship – a relationship with one of the most sought-after vehicles available today. The range of experiences they will have in their new Lexus will be all-encompassing, from high excitement and happiness to times of struggle to major life events like dropping a child off at college for the first time.


It’s one of the most thoughtful and unique gift ideas available anyone can give.


Yep You’ve Probably Already Seen It In The Media


The Big Red Bow event has become quite famous. You may call it infamy, as it’s given a kick to comedians who parody it on popular TV show Saturday Night Live. It’s humorous to imagine that a large expense like a brand new car would be presented as a Christmas gift.


Christmas, as a yearly fad, also provides limitless exposure. Among other campaigns, such as Coca Cola’s iconic label change each year, featuring Santa Clause, it’s become a Christmas classic. In terms of brand awareness, Lexus cars hold a warm place in many people’s hearts.


It’s surprising, for a holiday designed for children. However, this element has always been used in Lexus’s yearly sales event. You may remember a particular commercial where a child is convinced to ask Santa Claus for a Lexus while sitting on his lap. This year, it’s about reliving the nostalgia of driving a classy sports car or beautiful Lexus SUV.


Commitment To Each Other


Commitment is powerful. As a parent, you probably know how hard it is not to go out and buy that one toy you promised your children months before. The movie Jingle All the Way starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is a classic example of this.


But it’s a lot different with Lexus cars. While every industry is ramping up their advertising budgets this time of year, Lexus is very confident in their success for 2017.


One of the major reasons is the merit of their models, themselves. With excellent hybrid models, we’re seeing performance and fuel efficiency ratings that other brands claimed were impossible. Not to mention their generous packaging options, purchasing a new Lexus might be a smart financial move, considering the sales specials that are available.


At any rate, we can all be glad that Christmas this year is every bit as joyous and secure as we all hoped it would be.