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Strange Car Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

6 Strange Car Facts That Will Surprise You   The automobile industry is a massive one throughout the world.   There has been endless change and innovation as well as a few unique stories to boot.   An industry this large has to have some interesting and strange footprints in history.   Here are some fun ones you probably never knew.   Slow Down There   The dawn of the 20th century marked the first speeding ticket.   Yes, it was 1902 and as you can imagine, cars were blazing down the roads.   Actually, most cars struggled to...

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4 Vintage Lexus Commercials You’ll Love

We Think These Lexus Commercials Are A Great Trip Down Memory Lane…   Vintage commercials can sometimes be nostalgic, and often humorous. Looking back at these Lexus commercials, however, they’re also quite impressive, especially knowing the car company’s reliable track record.   #1 Official Lexus LS400 Commercial There’s a lot to love about each one. For example, this 1990 release for the Lexus LS400 is a short but sweet visual overview of this classic luxury car. The sleek and smooth black exterior as it pulls out horizontally across the conveyor belt is every bit as impressive today, as it...

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Do People Really Give Lexus Vehicles As Gifts?

You know what the biggest surprise about Lexus gift giving is…   Not only do people give Lexus cars and SUVs as gifts, but they’ve been doing so for 18 YEARS!   This time of year, novelty goes a long way and Lexus cars are no exception. Major sales events like Black Friday are just the tip of the iceberg, and now is the perfect time to begin suggesting a beautiful Lexus RX 350 as a gift to your spouse.   In fact, Lexus’ December to Remember event has been ongoing for the past 18 years. In 1998, their...

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Lexus Owners Talk About Reliability

What Do Lexus Owners Say About Reliability?   The following information is from real life Lexus owners. We’ve found a great thread on where Lexus owners talk about the reliability they’ve experienced. So… Let’s take a look at what Lexus owners are saying and learn a little more about Lexus vehicles. Performance is Never Compromised   The thrill of purchasing a brand new high performance vehicle and driving it off the lot never seems to fade. One Lexus SC400 owner tells us that despite the fact that the engine has over 320,000 miles under its belt, it still...

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10 Amazing Lexus Facts

Discover 10 Facts About Lexus That Will Blow You Away We think it’s pretty safe to say Lexus doesn’t mess around when it comes to luxury vehicles. But even we were surprised when we uncovered some of these unique facts. As you digest these facts, it’ll be pretty clear that Lexus is a company dedicated to precision and quality. Much of the industry’s coveted innovations are offered as economically priced standard features. However, their commitment to luxury and expertise is found on the production line, as well as what’s found at a Chicago Lexus dealership. Let’s explore and blow...

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