Did Somebody Spot A Self-Driving Lexus?

Passenger side of a self-driving lexus

Neal Doyle

It almost sounds like science fiction, however with cutting edge technology, a self-driving Lexus has now become a reality. You may not believe your eyes, but we’re going to share this with you.


This article will also serve as a review of the 2017 Lexus RX. You’ll find details on some of the leading edge features and engineering advancements achieved by the iconic high class car company, and how they’ve managed to produce a Lexus self-driving car.

Important Changes and Updates


There are some obvious concerns about a self-driving Lexus. First, and arguably most importantly is safety. While the comfort and convenience of the showcased feature are self-evident, does it really have the intelligence to accomplish this extraordinary feat?


Lexus has been known for providing an excellent standard of safety quality, over the decades. With modern technology becoming a mainstay, what have they done to improve on the past?


Within just one year, they’ve made some remarkable improvements. This self-driving Lexus, the RX 350, features a blind spot monitor, front collision detection with pre-collision braking, steer assist for their unique lane departure warning system, and more.


To think that these are standard features! Even adaptive cruise control is a reliably present feature, as well as Scout GPS Link. This smart technology syncs with your phone’s navigational system, and links it up with your Lexus RX, the self-driving Lexus.


Upgrades Continued – Performance

White 2017 Lexus RX 350

Let’s look at the 3.5L V6 engine, to begin with. Built with an impressive 8-speed transmission and continuously variable technology, this automatic system is quite powerful for a 5 seater of its class.


With the hybrid version of the self-driving Lexus, the RX 450h, also comes standard with AWD. This way, there is very little issue getting up to speed when accelerated, when compared to the gas powered engine models.


On the other hand, front wheel drive options are taken off the table. The exception to this is that the RX 350 F Sport package includes front wheel drive as standard equipment, making it an affordable option, even if you’re still interested in many of its special optional features.


With that being said, you have plenty of horsepower at your disposal, and with a 3,500 pound towing capacity, staying securely on the road with this self-driving Lexus is easy.


Sport Trims and Overall Appearance Quality


The grill alone is a bold, iconic and timeless representation of this hybrid SUV’s class and taste. Judging by the fact that their models and packages have the word ‘Sport’ built directly into them, it says a lot about the style and message that’s available.


We’ve already discussed performance upgrades. By attracting a more youthful audience, they’ve been able to satisfy about 10% more people per year by making these changes with the self-driving Lexus introduced as the 2017 model.


Some may argue that all of their models are going this way. For good reason, this is a reasonable statement, in that a younger, more sophisticated and tech hungry – and thus, more demanding – audience have been adoring what’s been presented to them.


Even More Comfort for the Price


You’d expect that each trim has USB and Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and entertainment purposes.


However, the addition of smart features for safety are only the beginning. Powerful and stunning audio packages, for example, provide 330 watts of sound, through ten different speakers. You’ll also have access to state of the art audio equipment, such as subwoofers and high quality audio streaming.


Wrapping Things Up…


The future for this self-driving Lexus look bright. While essential qualities and standard features continue to improve over the years, advanced technology has improved exponentially as well. We can’t wait to see what Lexus delivers with their next RX 350!


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