How Does Lexus Rank in Terms of Reliability?


In the 2017 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study performed by J.D. Power, Lexus ranks as the most reliable car brand in the market. What’s even more remarkable is that it holds the top spot in the ranking for a sixth consecutive year. It is interesting to see how the market research company determines the ranking and what makes Lexus stand out.


How Brands Are Ranked


J.D. Power has been conducting the U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study for 28 years now. The company examines the problems that owners experience with their vehicles over a period of 12 months. The cars which are covered by the study are no older than 3 years. Additionally, only original owners can participate. These are important factors to consider when evaluating the reliability of Lexus.


The study determines the dependability of 100 vehicles to produce a fair score. For the 2017 study, cars from the 2014 model year were examined. 35,186 vehicle owners participated in the survey which took place from October to December 2016. J.D. Power aims to identify the number of problems that the vehicles experience. The issues are grouped into eight different categories ranging from traditional ones like driving experience, engine/transmission and seats to ones focused on modern technologies such as Audio/Communication/Entertainment/Navigation. Some 177 unique problems are covered. Each brand receives a score based on the number of problems found in the 100 vehicles included in the study. The score is per 100 vehicles, hence PP100. The lower the score is, the more dependable the cars are.


How Lexus Won


Lexus was crowned as the most dependable car brand in the United States after scoring 110 PP100. This means that the number of problems experienced by 100 vehicles of the brand was 110. It is worth noting that it shares the first place with Porsche which has the exact same score. It is worth noting that Toyota, the company which the Lexus brand belongs to, secures the third place with a score of 123. Brands like Dodge and Jeep were among the worst performing brands in the survey, experiencing 187 and 209 problems per 100 vehicles respectively. The last place was for Fiat with a score of 298 PP100.


In terms of reliability, Lexus achieved victory over some of the best-known luxury brands including Mercedes-Benz, which ranked fifth, BMW which came seventh and Jaguar which was the last brand in the top ten. The Mercedes-Benz vehicles, for example, got a score of 131 PP100, meaning they experienced 21 issues more compared to those of the Japanese luxury car brand.


The auto experts of the research company have also outlined the most commonly found issues in the examined vehicles of all brands. 22% of all problems were in the Audio/Communication/Entertainment/Navigation. This comes to suggest that car manufacturers can place greater effort on honing these innovative technologies. To their defense, it should be noted that the latest technologies like voice commands are still in the early stages of their cycle life and are expected to become ever more sophisticated.


Individual Model Awards


J.D. Power gives 18 segment awards based on their study. In 2017, the Lexus RX crossover SUV and the GS and ES sedans received accolades as the most dependable cars in their respective segments. Toyota won awards for 10 of the car models that it produces including these three. This is a remarkable achievement that no other vehicle manufacturer has accomplished to date. To give you an idea of its significance, the company with the second largest number of awards this year, General Motors, won only 4.


You can buy a new Lexus sedan, coupe or SUV with confidence that it will be highly reliable and give you the perfect ride every time.