What Do Lexus Owners Say About Reliability?


The following information is from real life Lexus owners. We’ve found a great thread on reddit.com where Lexus owners talk about the reliability they’ve experienced.


Let’s take a look at what Lexus owners are saying and learn a little more about Lexus vehicles.

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Performance is Never Compromised


The thrill of purchasing a brand new high performance vehicle and driving it off the lot never seems to fade. One Lexus SC400 owner tells us that despite the fact that the engine has over 320,000 miles under its belt, it still accelerates smoothly and powerfully.

Not bad for a third of a million miles!


In fact, they’ve just recently purchased a 1997 model with less than half of the mileage, and know it has plenty of life left.

Another Lexus owner opens up and explains that no matter which brand you opt for, there will be flaws eventually. However, they’re absolutely satisfied with the high engineering standards of Lexus, and would purchase one no matter what kind of vehicle they’re looking for.


Pre-Owned Models are a Safe Bet


Drivers generally compare the company with their closest competitor, BMW. However, whether you’re interested in an economical Lexus RX 450h or a similar BMW model, it’s only BMW that you absolutely must opt for a Certified Pre Owned model. Otherwise you may be taking frequent trips to the service department.

Lexus vs BMW reliability

Those who’ve had experience purchasing both recommend Lexus. If you’re looking for long term ownership, this is especially true. As one long term owner points out, their Lexus LS400 (the company’s first design) has more than 610,000 kilometers (about 379,000 miles) on the odometer and still runs perfectly well as a daily driver.


Lexus Requires Less Frequent Repairs


Going back to the comparison of BMW and Lexus, it’s been found that after a while, a BMW will likely require a lot of shop time. Considering the experiences we’ve already shared, frequently taking in a 3 year old BMW MI 535i with only 50,000 miles on it, isn’t ideal for most drivers.

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This obviously isn’t an absolute. However, from the actual Lexus owners that contributed, it’s very unlikely that you’ll need many repairs. As one 2014 Lexus IS350 owner points out, after approximately 26,000 miles it’s been a breeze. They also point out that regular maintenance is important, no matter which model you drive.


We’ve also gathered information from a Lexus owner whose friend works at a BMW dealership. He knows first-hand that the only time he visits his Lexus dealership it’s no sooner than 6 months from the previous visit. Even then, it’s rare that he goes for anything other than regular servicing from their certified technicians.


His friend who works at the dealership, on the other hand, sees drivers who come in regularly every quarter. Most often, it’s not for regular maintenance after 10s of thousands of miles, but for a performance or mechanical issue.


Beautiful Designs and Economically Priced Packaging Options


This is a popular area of reliability for Lexus owners, as well. Drivers have pointed out that if you’re looking for a used Lexus for sale, there are many features available. Some you may like more than others.

Lexus owner talking about how parts are cheaper than a BMW

For example, there may be a headlight design or grille that you prefer (or any number of other preferences). The good news is that Lexus stays true to the features that their customers love, and it’s very likely that you’ll be satisfied with a similar model that has features you love.


Also, Lexus is ahead of the curve in terms of technological innovation. A Lexus SUV will have all of the latest semi-autonomous safety features, drivetrains and automatic transmissions available. Plus, they’ll likely be standard features. In terms of engines, a Lexus Hybrid is always updating the technology, whether for greater fuel economy or for performance.

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