5 Tips for a Great Car Wash


We’re all about DIY these days.


Maybe it’s because of the sense of pride we feel when a job well done is done by ourselves.


Maybe it’s because it’s usually cheaper to do something ourselves.


Maybe because it’s usually easier to do something ourselves.


Whatever the reason, DIY projects are sweeping the nation, and are now present in the auto industry.


Did you know that the best car wash in town could be in your own driveway?


It’s never been easier to make your luxury car look brand-spanking-new again.


Here are some tips to make your DIY car wash the best car wash around.



  • Use a Non-Acid-Based Tire Cleaner



Pros typically use tire cleaners mixed with a variety of acid solutions, but for a DIY job on the weekends, it is best to take the non-acid route.


Acid-based cleaners can cause bare alloy wheels to oxidize and pit, and damage wheels painted with color or clear coatings.


It is best to use a degreaser on the wheels, but to avoid detergents because they can damage the paint if they splash.


It is also important to note that tire and wheel cleaning should be done before cleaning and protecting the paint.



  • Your Hands Are Your Best Tools



There’s really no better way to experience something than to dive in with both hands.


Conveniently, this method is highly recommended when it comes to washing a car.


It’s a great way to get to know the details of your car, and serves as a means of inspection, as well.


But please do not wash with dishwashing liquid.


Sure, it cleans your car. But it also exposes it to possible nicks, scratches, and stains because the dishwashing liquid strips the car of its protective wax. So be smart and use a car wash solution.


And don’t forget to dry the surface of your car with a rubber-blade squeegee to remove any dirt and minerals that have dried on your car.



  • Protect Your Paint



It usually takes more than just a wash to get your paint sparkling again.


Thankfully, there are easy ways to do it.


You could use paint cleaner to remove environmental chemicals that have bonded to the paint, and small scratches called swirl marks.

You could also clean your paint with a small block of paint-cleaning clay that has been lubricated with a liquid cleaner wax.

Finish with a polish and a fresh coat of wax and it’ll be looking good as new.



  • Make Your Glass Super Shiny



There are two very important things when it comes to cleaning glass: clean it last, and avoid cleaners with ammonia in them.


The glass will be covered with dirt and grime from previous steps, and the ammonia is bad for the vinyl upholstery and the instrument panel (it also smells bad).


Buff the glass with a microfiber cloth for the best results. This does the best job of getting rid of cleaner residue.


Pro tip: use the back of your hand with the microfiber cloth to reach the inside of rear windows on sedans and coupes.



  • It’s All About the Details



Clean and polished details are really what make your car stand out from the crowd.


Remember to roll down the windows slightly so you can clean the top edges of them.


Many detailers will wax the rear and side windows to keep them from being damaged by water stains.


Don’t put anything on your windshield except for Rain-X, and carefully follow the instructions to apply it.


With these tips, people will think you DIY job was done by a pro. Good luck!