Samsung’s Interesting Car Technology Idea


Samsung is not about to play the same games as Apple and Android.


They’ve come up with something a little more unique than that.


Apple and Android have put their focus on instituting technology into new cars.


Samsung’s approach?


Samsung Connect Auto. In the old cars.


New technology, but in old cars.


Their goal is to bring state-of-the-art technology into everyday lives.


Sounds like a pretty solid plan, right?


And it’s easy, too.


How it Works:


The device for Samsung Connect Auto is plugged into the onboard diagnostic port.


Bang. You’re set to go.


This little device will then be able to monitor the vehicle’s performance and its economic efficiency.


Another interesting factor is that this technology does not require you to have a smartphone.


This is not a huge issue considering that everyone and their grandmother (for the most part) has a smartphone these days.


But it is nice to know that even your old flip phone would work with Samsung Connect Auto.


The system instead utilizes its own 4G LTE data connection.


This connection then sends data and the location of your vehicle to a cloud-based server.


Other Features:


Samsung Connect Auto provides drivers with vehicle updates and ways to improve vehicle’s performance and efficiency while on the go.


This technology also has built-in Wi-Fi to keep you connected to the internet wherever you are.


Which is kind of awesome.


Efficiency, connectivity, and also security!


Samsung Connect Auto uses Samsung’s KNOX security platform, which protects user’s vehicles from being hacked.


But I’m not done yet.


Seriously the features behind this technology are kind of endless.


Case in point, the device includes geo-fencing and algorithms for rating drivers.


And if an accident occurs, Samsung Connect Auto notifies predetermined contacts of the emergency, and also makes phone calls to emergency services for you.


The car looks out for your safety and well-being. This is too cool.


Something I would definitely benefit from is the Find My Car app.


There is nothing more embarrassing than wandering a parking lot desperately searching for your car.


The app finds it for you. Hence the name.


You no longer have to feel like a lost puppy in the mall parking lot anymore.


We will be seeing this new technology in the United States at the start of the second quarter.


AT&T will act as the first telecommunications company partner of the system.


And frankly, I cannot wait.