6 Strange Car Facts That Will Surprise You


The automobile industry is a massive one throughout the world.


There has been endless change and innovation as well as a few unique stories to boot.


An industry this large has to have some interesting and strange footprints in history.


Here are some fun ones you probably never knew.


Slow Down There


The dawn of the 20th century marked the first speeding ticket.


Yes, it was 1902 and as you can imagine, cars were blazing down the roads.


Actually, most cars struggled to hit 45 MPH.


A True Colossus


Standing in at 19 inches is the world’s shortest street-legal car.


It was made in Europe and dubbed the ‘Flatmobile’.


At slow speeds it was great for picking up loose change on the ground…Or not


Big Time Bucks


With some of the most intense and exotic cars costing a true fortune today, it’s a classic that takes the prize for most expensive vehicle in history.


A 1931 Bugatti Royale Coupe takes the crown with a cost of $8.7 Million.


It’s truly a legend. A massive and ultra-luxurious car, it fetched a handsome sum at auction.


Where Can You Find Dense Luxury


As we know, Rolls Royce is one of the most esteemed luxury brands of all-time.


But where can you find the most Rolls Royce vehicles per capita?


Hong Kong.


Exactly what you were thinking, right?


Road Trip? Nah…12 Month Moon Trip


Planning a getaway to the moon and back?


If so you’ll need to budget your time wisely.


Driving at 60 MPH directly at the moon has you arriving there in about 6 months. That’s with light traffic and gentle interstellar winds.


Don’t You Love That New Car Smell?


It really is one of the best parts of buying a new vehicle, isn’t it?


Did you know that the smell is made up of roughly 50 different organic compounds?


Not to worry; all of them are non-toxic so savor the flavor!