How Lexus Is Making A Major Statement With The LC 500


Every car company is concerned with creating the ultimate driving machine, and the Lexus brand is no different. It spent a decade building the LFA and only made 500 available to the market. The LC 500 is the newest model on the market and the car that is making the biggest statement. The LC 500 is the best combination of luxury and performance of this modern era. And as a Chicago Lexus dealer, we are excited to get it soon!

The LC 500 Features

a red 2018 Lexus LC 500 driving

The LC comes in two versions, the 471 horsepower LC 500 V8 and the 295 horsepower LC 500 H V6 hybrid. Whatever your needs each version of this car can fit it. For people who are conscious about the environment, the hybrid version of the car is the right choice for them. If you love speed and power, then the V8 should be your choice. With the ability to achieve 60 mph in only 4.4 seconds this car is sure to give performance fanatics something to get excited about.


Each model of the car comes with 10-speed gearboxes. The Power Split Device transmission found the hybrid is the first of its kind. It uses a combination of four conventional gears along with a variable transmission giving you the control you need for your vehicle.


Even on the bumpy terrain, you don’t have to worry about much because the ride inside this car is firm. You can feel the change in the car when shifting the 10-speed gears but no so much that it takes away from the driving experience.


The LC 500’s Design


The sleek look is sure to grab the attention of bystanders. Its interior is beautiful and is evident that huge amounts have been paid to make the interior as detailed as possible. The detail on the inside of the car helps to add to the luxurious driving experience. The floating door handles and the Alcantara door surface along with the leather and aluminum wrapped gearshift knob puts you in luxury like you’ve never had before.


The driver seat is made to keep the driver as comfortable as possible. The sleek perch gives ensures that your ride is the best you’ve ever had. The level of detail paid to the look of the controls in the car is beyond ordinary. The smooth sheen gives them an expensive look and feel. Driving in a car like this one is sure to take your breath away.


Lexus has given total control to the driver by putting paddle shifters on the steering. This means that you have the power of this beast at your fingertips. Now you can drive with more confidence knowing that you are in total control.


Amazing Interior Sound


The sound you get from this V8 is nice and lusty. Noise from the hybrid is just as good. A computer algorithm smooths the engine sound. It does this by the use of a stereo sound system. All this technology gives the hybrid the smooth race car sound that truly gets your heart racing.


Final Thoughts On The Lexus LC500


Lexus has done an excellent job in the creation of the LC 500. The detail displayed inside and outside of the car is enough to give your more than a luxurious feel when you are going for a spin. The exterior is sure to turn the heads of the people you drive by in this car. Lexus wanted to make a statement, and they sure did with the creation of this car. The car not only looks good but it also packs a punch for the adrenaline junkie. If that’s not your thing and you want to keep the environment safe, then the hybrid is also available for you.

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