Comparing the 2018 Lexus LC500 to Other Supercars


It’s hard to tell which is more impressive about the 2018 Lexus LC500 – the superior build and exceptional performance or the breathtaking design. The brand’s new sports car is praised by experts and will surely warm the hearts of those who drive it and those who admire it from a distance. In fact, this supercar has been compared to the iconic creations of Aston Martin, but with a unique Japanese touch reflecting the country’s culture and more specifically the principle of Omotenashi – hospitality in perfect yet modest form.


Elegant Futuristic Design


The chief designer responsible for the creation of this supercar, Tadao Mori, explains that the team has aimed for “more dynamic and more emotional styling” and this is what we can see in the 2018 Lexus LC500. Just by looking at the huge grille with bold lines, you get a hint of the sheer might of this gorgeous beast. Just like every element in Japanese car design, it serves a major practical purpose too – it improves the flow of air to the engine. As a whole, the exterior design offers an impressive combination of smooth lines and bold creases. It is modern and even futuristic compared to the classic looks of other supercars like Mercedes-Benz S-class coupe.

How about the interior? Minimalism rules inside the car. The sweeps above the door panels have beautiful flow which is easy to notice. The dashboard is clutter-free with the instruments being large enough for comfortable use. The chromed switches play the role of sophisticated accents exceptionally well. Even though the coupe isn’t very big, there is plenty of for those inside to feel comfortable even when taking a longer trip with fewer stops. The seats seem as if they are sculpted to support your body and provide comfort. You can easily feel as if you are in a race car when driving the 2018 Lexus LC500.


Fantastic Performance


The chief engineer of the brand, Koji Sato, who is a recognized expert in creating chassis, explains that with this model, they have gone “back to basics” with focus on build and performance. The 2018 Lexus LC500 is lighter and has a lower center of gravity compared to its predecessors. Most parts of the body, including the door skins and the hood, have aluminum make. The double-ball-joint suspension is comparable to that of the latest Audi supercars.

This car is equipped with a 5.0-liter V-8 engine which produces 471 horsepower and this is exactly what you’d expect from a coupe with sporty design. The ten-speed automatic transmission works excellently to deliver power to the wheels. When it comes to acceleration, you will reach a speed of 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. You can reach a top speed of around 155 to 168 mph. These figures are more than impressive and put the 2018 Lexus LC500 head of many competitors. When it comes to more practical matters, the fuel economy is quite good for a sports vehicle – 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.


The 2018 Lexus LC500 performs exceptionally on any road and in any weather. Drivers will enjoy superb steering and control of the vehicle. This sports car behaves confidently both on the highway and on the smaller and more winding roads. The brakes pull off exceptional performance, but you wouldn’t expect it to be otherwise. Needless to say, the car is packed with all kinds of technologically advanced features designed to keep you safe.


Overall, the 2018 Lexus LC500 is a brilliant performer and stands on par with other sports cars from globally recognized brands, but has its own unique appeal thanks to the ingenious design combining the traditional and modern.