The Pros and Cons of When to Buy a New Car


Congratulations! You’re ready to buy a new car!


So now what?


Now you research and make very specific plans for what you want.


Oh, and figure out when you actually want to buy your car.


Easy, right?


It is. Especially if you are an informed consumer.


Which, thanks to me, you will be.


You can thank me later (shotgun infinity).


The Best:


So when exactly is the best time to buy a new car?


Statistically speaking, you will usually find the best sales and discounts in winter months.


That makes sense. A lot of car companies have their big holiday sales events to draw in eager new buyers like you.


But this does not necessarily mean you should wait until then to buy.


Even though a company may have killer discounts, they may not have a killer inventory.


Those sales events are designed to clear out the old models so they can make room for the new models.


Low prices are great. Small inventories are not.


This is when you have to consider what matters more to you: a certain model of a car you HAVE to have, or having a few extra dollars in your pocket.


The Worst:


On the contrary, the worst time to buy is without question in spring and summer months.


Think about it: spring fever sets in, more people are out and about, and many will soon discover that a new car is an excellent cure to the winter blues.


Car companies have discovered this, too.


Which is why you’ll get a nice, big, new, shiny, and exciting inventory, but you’re not typically going to get the best prices.


And why should they feel the need to provide them?


They’ve got a line out the door of anxious buyers looking to buy a new road-tripping vehicle to take straight to the beach.


Again, ask yourself what matters more.


Dream car? Or how much money is in your wallet?


Other Considerations:


Season is not the only aspect you should consider on your new-car search.


Buying early in the week gives you a better chance of having personalized attention. You won’t have to compete with the frenzy of weekend buyers.


Salespeople are judged on their performance and whether they meet their goals for the month or quarter.


If you shop at the end of the quarter, you’ll be faced with several desperate salespeople to lock in that final sale, and will often be willing to offer you a great price.


Along with that, shopping later in the day is definitely to your advantage.


If a salesperson hasn’t made a deal all day, they will be more likely to strike a manageable deal with you.


And finally, keep an eye out for when the new shipment comes in.


A luxury dealership wants to sell the new stuff, but they have to clear out the old stuff first, and will do whatever it takes to get it off the lot.

Such as offering you an excellent price.


The bottom line is that the more prepared and strategic you are in your approach, the more likely your needs will be satisfied.


It all depends on how you play the game.


By shopping smart and knowing what your priorities are ahead of time, you’re fixing to win.