Your Car Filters and When You Need to Change Them


Every car has a filter.




Everyone and their grandmother know that.


What everyone and their grandmother may not know is that your car may have up to FOUR filters.


AND they have to be replaced every now and again.


If you knew that then you’re probably an expert and don’t need to read the rest of this article.


If you didn’t know that, then allow me to explain.


Dirty Filter 101


Here’s the thing: most people don’t put any thought into their filters.




You could be breathing in pretty gross air and not even know it!


That’s kind of disgusting and awful.


Just because you can’t see your filters doesn’t mean they don’t exist!


Getting your filters cleaned is extremely important, especially the engine/oil filter and the fuel and transmission filter.


The purpose of the filters in your car is to keep particles from damaging your car.




By not cleaning your filters, you could potentially be damaging your car.


No matter how many filters your car has, clean engines lead to a more efficient performance.


Point blank.


Filter Fun Facts


Let’s begin with the engine air filter.


Every car has one.


Every car would be dead without one.


Dirt, dust, and other debris coming into the engine compartments can inhibit your car’s performance.


A dirty air filter can reduce engine power, increase engine wear, and decrease throttle response.


You need that clean air coming into your engine.


Could you imagine running while you couldn’t breathe?




Don’t make your car do that.


It is recommended to get your engine air filter cleaned every 20,000 miles.


Now onto the cabin air filter.


The job of this filter is to keep dust and other debris from entering the passenger compartment and keep the air clean.


Imagine inhaling the Sahara desert.


You don’t want to do that, do you?


There are several contributing factors as to how often to get the cabin air filter cleaned.


These factors include driving conditions, dusty roads, and road construction.


Use your best judgement.


If you’ve just gone on a road trip through the Sahara desert, consider getting your cabin air filters cleaned.


The fuel filter is located in the fuel line and probably does what you’re assuming it does:


It keeps icky stuff like dirt and rust particles from getting into your fuel tank.


This one should be changed every 35,000 to 50,000 miles. Though there are some models that have longer lasting fuel filters.


Seriously. Make a note of that.


Not doing this could clog your fuel injector and fuel pump.


That is so not good. Do not put this off.


AND FINALLY: the transmission filter.


Though most cars don’t have these anymore, I still want to talk about it.


For those of you who do still have this filter, replacing it every 45,000 miles will greatly increase the performance and lifespan of your vehicle.




I know. I just through a lot of info at you.


Let it all sink in.


Here’s how to make your life super simple: when you take your car in for its regular oil change, have the nice technicians take a look at your filters.


They will tell you where to go from there, and hopefully give you a really good price on filter replacement.


You could change them yourself, but why would you want to make your life more complicated than it has to be?


Let them handle the dirty work, so your car can run super cleanly.